CHIFCO, integrated solutions for energy savings

Introducing CHIFCO

Chifco is a young company offering integrated solutions for energy savings dedicated to individual as well as small and medium enterprises.

The firm advises major private and public accounts in improving the energy efficiency of their housing stock and reducing their carbon footprint.

We have developed various products, software and computing systems coupled with energy monitoring and remote control.

We offer you several simulation tools allowing you to make an initial diagnosis of your assets (Our simulations are in accordance with the requirements of ADEME and method 3CL).

Our approach is born from the growing importance of the mastery of energy consumption and the proliferation of actors of the sector which results from it. Chifco brings you a simple and effective solution.

Our resources

  • Dynamic thermal simulation tools.
  • Regulatory thermal simulation tool.
  • Tools for monitoring and management of energy consumptions.
  • Lighting simulation tools.
  • Database of Carbon Emission Factors.
  • Simulation Tools for solar thermal and photovoltaic.

We also developed smart and innovative solutions such as the Chifco box wish provide our customers new solutions in monitoring and controlling their energy bill :

• Change management (monitoring before and after renovations)

• Receiving advices in real time by post consumer (based on consumption, use, temperatures inside / outside, humidity …)
• Load shedding positions in case of energy-congestion (remuneration from suppliers)
• Collect counters (remuneration from suppliers)
• Security Housing (intrusion detection, detection of fire …)
• Remote control and programming, planning the use of the majority of equipments
• Ability to develop new services (TV, file sharing like Dropbox, sharing WiFi …)


Website : / Email :



06 79 23 79 56

1, rue du plateau 75019

Paris, France



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