Tip# 1: keep direct contact with customers

Excerpt from The Guide to Low-Cost Startups – Chapter 6, Home Maintenance, by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA

 “A big factor in running a successful business with once a year customers is using reminder calls or postcards to help get work scheduled.  Customers will appreciate you considering them for scheduling.  This also keeps unreasonable expectations in check; if a customer passes on scheduling when called, she will be more understanding if she has to wait a few extra few days during a busier time of year.”

In today’s world of ultra-connectivity, we sometimes overlook the simplest of ways to stay in touch with our customers and build stronger customer relationships.  We are so focused on learning the ins and outs of Social Media – FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn and understandably so – it’s where so much of the Commerce Conversation is taking place.  But there is still a lot of value in the simple reminder phone call or postcard.

In Chapter 6 of  The Guide to Low-Cost Startups on Home Maintenance, several of the business ideas revolve around once a year services.  Maintaining the recurring business with past customers is so critical to continued success for any business, but especially for a new startup.  It costs so much more to find a new customer.

During the summer months, many businesses slow down as vacations and other activities take customers out of town.  Taking the opportunity to reach out with a phone call just might give your cash flow the boost it needs to weather the summer doldrums.

Kind regards, Gail Margolies Reid.

Note: We are very pleased to announce that Mrs Gail Margolies Reid has agreed to publish on a weekly basis the best tips for Start-Ups for the International Start-Ups Meeting 2011. The OC team.

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