Tip# 4: ask how customers heard about your business

“Make a point of asking every potential customer how they heard about your business. It is surprising how few small companies do this. Make the most of your advertising dollars by understanding what marketing efforts result in gaining new customers.” 

As we evolve ever deeper into the world of social media marketing, it becomes more difficult to tie our activities back to hard cash sales. So much of the “marketing” we now do seems inexpensive or free on the surface. But the amount of time we can devote to selling our services grows exponentially day by day.

As a small business owner, it is ever so tempting to invest in expanding your presence on the internet. An attractive website, outstanding content and online community are all important in today’s world of business. But even more essential is understanding and tracking where your business comes from, and what activities turn into sales.

The sale is where the investment in marketing really pays off.

Gail Reid, CPA, USA.

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