AIESEC encounter at GSU

Today’s post will be a diversion from previous posts based on Bonus Points from my book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups”. 

 Yesterday I met with two AIESEC student members from a local chapter in Atlanta– Georgia State University.  I wanted to see first hand the essence of AIESEC, to connect with “future AIESEC alumni” and get a sense of who they might be.  Even though school is currently between sessions, Georgina Saldana, V.P. of Business Development and Juan Rios, a member on Georgina’s committee, came back to campus to meet with me. Such enthusiasm and focus, determination and interest.  They gave me an insider’s view of how and why they became AIESECers. 

Neither one could contain the great joy and happiness that being a part of this organization brings to them.  They had just returned from a National Conference in Chicago, having spent a week with AIESECers from all over the US and around the globe.  It was clear that the conference was full of inspiring activities and many opportunities for positive human connections.  Their pride in AIESEC and their determination to build their AIESEC chapter was strongly evident.

Somehow I know that this encounter with these two students was not an “isolated incident” as we like to say in the CPA world.  Rather I left convinced that I will find the same level of energy and commitment at the International Start-ups Meeting in Paris this October. 

What a privilege to be a participant in this event!

kind regards,

Ms Gail MARGOLIES REID, CPA and keynote speaker.

Posted in USA

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