Tip# 8: be the problem solver!

“In challenging economic times, many small business owners reach out for someone to help them keep their company afloat.  Consider positioning yourself as a turnaround expert who can help a business owner make the decisions necessary to meet the challenges of a downturn in the economy.  This is the kind of help people will pay for in trying times.”

Although this advice was written for professionals (lawyers, accountants and consultants) it can be applied to any start-up business.  Your customers want someone or something that can solve a particular problem. 

The problem might be slow sales, high cost of materials, difficulty in the supply chain, etc.  In times of recession, all problems are amplified because everyone is struggling to make a profit and keep their company going.

Focus on solving the problem of others.  If you can BE the problem solver, you will be successful no matter what shape the economy is in.

Kind regards,

Gail REID.

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