Tomorrow starts the ISUM in Paris!

Welcome in Paris to the start-ups enthusiasts from more than 20 countries joining us tomorrow at the French Senate for the Opening Session of the first edition of the International Start-Ups Meeting with:

– Mr Luca Torosani, Vice President of the Organizing Committee; a graduate from Bocconi Italy; soon joining PWC in Mexico;

– Mr Olivier Giscard d’Estaing, Founder of INSEAD and President of the INSEAD Foundation;

– Mr Massimo Michaud, former President of AIESEC Italy, Entrepreneur and former CEO of ALLIANZ Insurance in Italy;

– Mrs Gail Margolies Reid, CPA from the USA, and author of the guide of low-cost start-ups;

– Mr Ali Mnif, Entrepreneur and CEO of MAZAM from Tunisia, a graduate of IHEC Tunis – Carthage;

– Mr Christian Cochard, President of the Organizing Committee and Senior Advisor in acquisitions, consolidation and financial reporting.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow starts the ISUM in Paris!

  1. To all the organizers, and specially Christian and Luca , BRAVO. This effort will be everlasting and will influence young enterpenours of the future. Will be monitoring this sucsess.

    Todo lo mejor,

    Pedro Luis Pinson
    AIESEC Mexico – Founder
    AIESEC Global Hall Of Fame

  2. Thank you Pedro Luis! A founding moment for this initiative.

    You have been a great and constant supporter to this team work; you are in our hearts with us!

    With best regards,

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