ISUM 2011: Postscript by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA

The International Startups Meeting 2011:  Postscript

 by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA


**Bonus Point**


“Joining together with like-minded people to share ideas and mutual encouragement is essential to the success of any Startup”. 


It is impossible to comment on everything that was experienced by those of us who came together earlier this month in Paris for  ISUM 2011.  But I wanted to share some thoughts I have had in the days since I have returned to the US with my new friends and colleagues, ISUM alums.


People attend conferences for many reasons; to learn new methods, best practices and improved processes to take back and implement in their own workplace.  ISUM 2011 achieved these intellectual goals; we all learned new ideas and concepts at the seminars and workshops during the weekend. 


But the conference accomplished something on a much deeper level –  Exchanges of the Heart.  We are alike but yet so different. The businesses we each pursue are as varied as the national cultures we come from.  Yet we came to ISUM to seek common ground, the place where we inspire each other to pursue our own unique ideas.  Within our individual stories are lessons others can learn to help them achieve their goals more successfully.


The weekend was demanding both physically (early starts and long days, riding in cabs in Paris, where every hour is “rush hour”, running for the bus back to the hotel) and mentally (from a great deal of thinking, listening and conversing).  When it was time to say farewell, after the beautiful luncheon at the Musee d’Orsay, I was both drained and emotionally pumped up for the future of this group.  I hope to hold on to this feeling for a long time, keep in contact with everyone I met at ISUM and share ideas I learned in Paris with my students here in the US.

A très bientôt.



One thought on “ISUM 2011: Postscript by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA

  1. HI Craig,

    I would be glad to chat with you about the meeting since we are both “on the same side of the pond”. I will contact you offline to set up a time. Gail

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