Mr de La Boulaye to join ISUM Tunis as a speaker

We are pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Arnould de La Boulaye as a speaker and a jury member for ISUM Tunis.

Arnould de la Boulaye has assisted more than 50 startup in industry and services as a business angel. He is a graduate of ESSEC Business School 1966 and a pre-PhD in International Economics from Paris University.

Arnould has been AIESEC France NCP, co-organizer of the first AI Seminar on “Education for International business,” AI Advisory Councillor and ISM, AAI board member, and now is working on behalf of AI and AAI to launch an AAI Foundation.

Arnould has also held management position for 10 years in corporate finance (Honeywell, Eaton Corp., Grace Corp.) and then served for 12 years as VP Finance of a leading European catering group.


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  1. Pedro Luis Pinson March 26, 2013 at 18:47

    Very good choice, Arnould is a great guy, all the best to both, un abarzo PLP


  2. Thank you Pedro Luis for your kind encouragements. All the best, Christian


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