What you will find in the next edition of ISUM 2013!

47809_140691582778403_1137482411_nIn the next edition of ISUM in Tunis in May 2013, this is what you will find:

1 – Exchange of experience between startup founders from different countries: In the networking sessions, we believe you will learn a lot from the experience of others in your own country but also from other countries; one idea successful in another country can be successful in your own.

2 – Workshops: you will learn how to find new ideas for your startup from the entrepreneurs themselves, how to make your business plan efficiently, how to market well to your targeted customers, how to create and manage your team, how to build a partnership agreement, how to raise funds with business angels and/or VCs;

We want to be operational in these sessions; therefore we boost Q&A sessions!

3 – Pitch sessions and the AIESEC alumni startup challenge:
 if you are ready to pitch in front of a jury of advisors and investors, ISUM will be your opportunity to do so.

Each selected startup will have 5 minutes of pitch and 10 minutes of questions & answers with the jury.  This is a great opportunity to test your pitch and get immediate feed-back.

In this startup challenge, the jury will determine the best projects who will receive in-kind services by the sponsors of the event. And if you are really successful, you could even get the appointment to actually get funded!

The ISUM jury is giving priority for registration to AIESEC startup; but it is an open meeting: local entrepreneurs who are not AIESECers will be able to bring attention to their startup as well, notably if they want their startup to grow internationally.

ISUM is an initiative supported by AIESEC Alumni International.

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