Mrs Bouchamaoui speech at ISUM Tunis

Mr Wahb Zouid, President of AIESEC ALUMNI Tunisie,
Mr Slim Bahrini, President of AIESEC Tunisie,
Honorable guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honor to be among you today, for this important event that is devoted to startup development and enterprises creation in the field of new technologies in Tunisia.

Before anything else, it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you here in UTICA’s headquarters and to extend my congratulations and thanks to all the team of AIESEC and AIESEC ALUMNI Tunisia for having taken this initiative and for all the efforts they are making to coach and assist Tunisian students.

I would also like to greet all the participating students here, and advise them to never limit their ambition and to be more and more creative, daring and initiating. YOU, students are the future of Tunisia, YOU are tomorrow’s leaders.

None is born leader, we become leaders by learning, training and by developing the sense of initiative, by daring and risk-taking.

The family, then school and university are probably the best grounds for spreading the seeds and the values of entrepreneurship.

The liberalization of energies and initiatives, the improvement of the business environment, the transparency in transactions and the access to information are as many factors that stimulate the creation of enterprises.

The current business environment still needs adjustment and enhancement.

In this situation, I couldn’t go on without mentioning what I assume is a fundamental point which is: the improvement of Enterprises/University relations, as this is one of the fundamentals to initiate relationships between future generations and the world of entrepreneurship.

At UTICA, we’ve always drawn the attention on this subject, as we remain convinced that students are to have an adequate education, up-dated and adapted to the requirements of the labor market, an education that will lead them to find a job and eventually launch their own project.

We do believe that a true and effective partnership between the Private sector and the University is a top priority that all parties should work on, in order to make it happen.

The success in creating, conceiving and innovating any human work is the result of a whole set of factors, mainly our determination to succeed, to carry out our plans; the environment in which we live being also another important factor.

Determination, patience and perseverance are the main features that we should have in order to face unforeseen obstacles. That’s the only way to face problems and ensure the success of our project, especially at its beginning.

Holding to these principles is important! However, the business environment is not less important. And it is the reason why UTICA never stopped making aware all the concerned parties about the obligation:

  • to upgrade the environment, in which the enterprise operates;
  • to review and improve the existing legislation and;
  • to put in place all mechanisms and tools so as to encourage the development of our enterprises on the national as well as on the international level.

I do believe that boosting our economic growth remains feasible.
Our country’s main resource is still here. As it has always been, Tunisia had no other resource than its HUMAN ones: Tunisian men and women are the backbone of the country.

We have to transcend our fears and doubts and be confident in our endeavor.

It is true that we’re experiencing some political and ideological disparities but we have to go on and to cooperate, we have to remain unified and hence become a strength at many and various levels.
We all know that thanks to just our human potential, we’ve been able to surmount many difficulties.

I would end my statement by inviting all our students and all our youth to keep faith and remain optimistic, as YOU with us, will be the determining factor of our future.

Never forget for the rest of your life in good times and bad, that you live in an interdependent world and that we have got to pull it together.

Thank you very much for your attention.


Mrs Ouided BOUCHAMAOUI, President of UTICA.


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