Krisztina Kapuvári will be at ISUM online

We are proud to have Krisztina Kapuvari as one of our speakers for the ISUM session on October 30.

Kriszti is an Alumna from AIESEC in Benin and in Hungary.

She joined AIESEC in Hungary in 2012, LC Veszprem. Within 3 months, she became VP Marketing. Later, she served as LCP, OCVP Finance of National Conference and National Support Team Internship Admin.

Krisztina took diverse roles in other entities worldwide: CEEDer in Greece (2014), MCVP Marketing in Benin Republic (15/16), West African YouthSpeak Forum Host (2016) Togo and Facilitator in Nigeria (2015). She also took part in internships and volunteer programs of AIESEC in Ghana (2014), Togo (2016), the USA (2017) and in Ivory Coast (2018).

Krisztina currently volunteers at AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL content team and member of AIESEC ALUMNI EUROPE Board. 

While spending most of her time across West Africa since 2014, thanks to AIESEC, she found her calling. Kriszti is passionate about reducing inequality, and dreams of a more balanced global ground for all, that is why she opened a private-funded business incubator (theSPACE) in Cotonou a year ago (August 2019). At theSPACE, she provides access to infrastructure (basic tools, equipment, office/internet) and know-how (coaching/trainings) to young AIESEC alumni who are interested in bringing solutions for all type of (social) issues into this world as entrepreneurs.

Her project has recently been approved for fundraising by the Steering Committee of the AIESEC Fund. 

Kriszti believes that the ambitious and young AIESEC entrepreneurs of the region, deserves the same chances to opportunities that she had growing up in the EU. She is ready to fight for the better conditions for the developing world by raising the chances of locals to fulfill their true potentials through becoming entrepreneurs. That is why her NGO provides affordable access to infrastructure and knowledge transfer to young entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about Leadership, Marketing, Organizational Development and reducing social injustice. She holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Management (specialized: HR & OD).


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