Cyril Ogée, President of AAF will be at ISUM online

Cyril Ogée started his AIESEC career in the Marseilles KEDGE local committee in 1990, being involved in projects by organizing 2 national congresses in Marseilles and going abroad as a Global Talent trainee in Spain. 

Then he took care of both incoming and outgoing Global Talent activity, welcoming more than 50 foreign students in Marseilles in 1992 summer. With two English trainees, he organized a reception project with Tokyo university local committee and local corporate players. He then became local committee President in 1993 and later applied for the Member Committee becoming National Vice-President for Global Talent for the 1994-95 term after spending a year in Danone marketing department.

Today, Cyril is the president of AIESEC Alumni France and the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of AIESEC France.

Professionally, Cyril strives to guide people to develop assertiveness and leadership to reveal their full potential. He is Managing Partner at Assertive Career Mentoring, a RH consulting firm that helps teams in the fields of leadership, management, career management and governance. He helps Executives to better control their organisation, encouraging a “small self-managed teams” organizational approach.

Through 25 years of working experience as an Executive, he has learnt that this management style pays off and makes organisations successful.

Today’s world increasing complexity makes the pyramidal management inherited from Taylor management inoperative and we need to attract talents having the 21st century skills.
We are proud to have him as one of our speakers for this online edition of ISUM to be held on October 30.

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