Victor Loewenstein at ISUM online edition

We are delighted to have Victor Loewenstein as one of our speakers for this online edition of ISUM. 

His strong professional and AIESEC experiences will prove to bring our participants great insights in human management in times of crisis. 

Below is a summary of Victor’s AIESEC career:

– Co-founded and joined the AIESEC Local Committee- University of Edinburgh in 1957

– Member of the UK National Committee in 1959

– Elected Secretary General (SG) – today referred to as PAI – at Marseille Congress  in 1961/62 

Victor has also been President of AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) for many years.

He has been member of the Supervisory Group of AI, while it was based in Rotterdam.

Currently, Victor is a Member of the BoA of AIESEC MC-Belgium and one of the founders of the AIESEC Fund together with Jean Choplin and Arnould de la Boulaye.

Victor joined Egon Zehnder from 1970 until 2003 ; he was notably the Managing Partner of the New York office and Senior Director within the Geneva Office.

Since retirement in 2003, Victor  has been providing long-term Career services to MBA students at a number of leading international Business Schools in different institutions in Europe and the USA.

We are really proud to count Victor among our international speakers. 

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