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AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) is the platform for AIESEC alumni to achieve their potential on an international level.

Through its memberships, the association will continue to promote international and cross-cultural understanding, in line with the founding principles of AIESEC, for the professional and personal development of its members and the good of society.

AAI was founded in 1986 when some active ex-AIESECers, ex-PAIs and ex-NCPs among them, started a new chapter in AIESEC history in Budapest, Hungary, shortly before the world started to change again, this time towards democracy and freedom.

AAI’s mission is to provide an international platform through which former AIESEC members and associates can continue to interact, contribute to and actively gain from a continuing involvement with AIESEC and the alumni of AIESEC.

AAI actively promotes the ethics, values and culture of AIESEC within both the professional environments of its membership as well as other external environments.

We want to continue:

  1. to  develop  socially responsible,  culturally sensitive,  proactive  agents of change;
  2. to make a difference in society and the life of the individual;
  3. to fulfil the role that AIESEC plays within society through an Alumni body.

AAI is a registered international, non-political, independent and not-for-profit association, linking its memberships above and beyond culture, race, sex, citizenship, religion, economic system and branch, hierarchy and generation, based on non-mercantile relationships and a capital of trust.  We welcome all those who were active in AIESEC and look forward to hearing from you and to meeting many of you at upcoming conferences.

More information on AAI could be found on the following link: