Mrs Bouchamaoui, President of UTICA, to open #ISUM13Tunis

We are pleased and honored to confirm that Mrs Ouided BOUCHAMAOUI will be opening ISUM Tunis 2013; at 9 am on May 18 at the UTICA headquarters in Tunis.

Mrs Ouided BOUCHAMAOUI is the President of UTICA (Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie, du Commerce et de l’Artisanat).

Mr Abdelkefi to join ISUM Tunis as a speaker

The Organizing Committee of ISUM Tunis is pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Abdelkefi to ISUM Tunis.

Mr Abdelkefi is the Chairman of Bourse des Valeurs Mobilières de Tunis.

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Paris I, Mr Fadhel Abdelkefi served for 10 years as Director of General Services and Deputy Managing Director before being appointed in 2005, CEO of Tunisie Valeurs. He participated in the commercial development of Tunisie Valeurs.

Mr Fadhel ABDELKEFI has also led the development and implementation of information systems (VALORIX). Mr Abdelkefi is a member of the Board of Directors of the Tunis Stock Exchange, the four funds managed by Tunisie Valeurs and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Integra Bourse in Morocco and Algeria.


ISUM questions — and answers.

ISUM Tunisie 2013These are some of the questions that will be addressed at ISUM Tunis:

Startup: Why it fails? Why it succeeds? How to be creative in the Business Plan? How to build a business model that lasts? Why going global to grow? How to create a position you can defend? How to cut your IP coat? How to move a brand forward? What are the digital rules for brands?

How to prepare a (convincing) Business Plan? What is making the difference in the investors’ eyes? How to improve profit and efficiency? How to prevent slow payments? What about Invoice financing? What are the right tax decisions?

How to work successfully in a startup with partners? With national and foreign directors and staff? How to be a flexible employer? How to manage talents in a startup or SME? What are the right employee rewards in a fast growing company? What about learning and development strategy? How to go global to grow? Why are the AIESEC and AIESEC Alumni networks key in going global?

To find out the answers to these questions and to your own, you are welcome to attend ISUM Tunis.

Mr Jean Du Lac to speak at ISUM Tunis

We are pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Jean Du Lac, CEO of Dulac & Co, an investment advisory firm and also the President of the INSEAD Africa Club at INSEAD Alumni Association France.

Mr Du Lac is the Past President of the INSEAD Alumni Association France.

Mr Aziz Mebarek to join the startup finance workshop

We are pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Aziz Mebarek, Founding Partner at TUNINVEST – AFRICINVEST for ISUM Tunis 2013.

Mr Mebarek is also the co-founder and past Vice Chairman  of the African Venture Capital Association (AVCA), co-founder and first Chairman of the Association Tunisienne des Grandes Ecoles (ATUGE) Tunisia.