Arnould de la Boulaye as Speaker to ISUM 

We are very pleased to welcome Arnould de la Boulaye as one of our international speakers for this ISUM online edition.

Please find below his AIESEC  History: 

  VP Traineeships then  NCP  France  1963-66  (800  traineeships,  12  franco-german  seminars  in  1966)  

  Co-organizer  of  the  first  AIESEC  International  Seminar  on  “Education  for  International  business”  and official  AIESEC  representative  at  this  seminar  (300  participants,  Lausanne,  march  1966  ) 

  Advisory Councillor  of  AIESEC  International,  1967

  International  Senior  Member — 1967 

  President  of  the  International  AIESEC  congress  in  Paris  (1969)

  Founding member & President  AIESEC Alumni  France — 1966/68,   

  AAI board member — 1992 ( Puerto Rico ) 

  Active member of the 2012-13 AAI  ‘Think  Tank’ 

  Active supporter for an  AIESEC  ALUMNI  International  Foundation  for  20  years,  then  strongly  involved since  March  2008  to  create this  Fund  under  aegis  of  the  King  Baudoin  Foundation  with  the  full  support of    Jean  Choplin  &  Victor  Loewenstein.( )

Academic  and  Professional  History:

  Graduated from ESSEC bus.  School,  Paris  1966      and  D.E.A.  International  Economics  (pre-PHD),  University  of  Paris,  1969 

  10 years Honeywell + Eaton  Corp.,  in  corporate  finance 

  12 years joint  venture  Nestle/Wagons-lits  as  Vice  President  Finance  (18000  employees,  15  countries)  +  CEO  Senior  residential  chain  subsidiary 

  Senior Consultant since May 1989: Transition  management  CFO  and/or  CEO,  assistance  to  startup  (more  than  110  since  1989),  serial  business  angel.
His strong experience in entrepreneurship will bring great input to our participants.

Francisco Cadena from Mexico at ISUM online

Francisco Cadena will be a speaker at ISUM online on October 30. 

Mexican, Francisco is an engineer in systems administration and an animal lover. 

With more than 8 years of experience in the IT Field, he is currently working in Paris. Active member of AIESEC for 5 years from 2015 to 2020  travelling across 22 countries  in which he had roles such as local committee president in Mexico and AIESEC in France National Office President leading more than 150 volunteers in France, active promoter of SDGs implementation in the world.

Francisco is also currently working on creating a startup with AIESEC colleagues,  having an entrepreneur mindset, having worked with several incubators and start-ups in Mexico and France.
We are really pleased to have him as one of our international speakers. 

Victor Loewenstein at ISUM online edition

We are delighted to have Victor Loewenstein as one of our speakers for this online edition of ISUM. 

His strong professional and AIESEC experiences will prove to bring our participants great insights in human management in times of crisis. 

Below is a summary of Victor’s AIESEC career:

– Co-founded and joined the AIESEC Local Committee- University of Edinburgh in 1957

– Member of the UK National Committee in 1959

– Elected Secretary General (SG) – today referred to as PAI – at Marseille Congress  in 1961/62 

Victor has also been President of AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) for many years.

He has been member of the Supervisory Group of AI, while it was based in Rotterdam.

Currently, Victor is a Member of the BoA of AIESEC MC-Belgium and one of the founders of the AIESEC Fund together with Jean Choplin and Arnould de la Boulaye.

Victor joined Egon Zehnder from 1970 until 2003 ; he was notably the Managing Partner of the New York office and Senior Director within the Geneva Office.

Since retirement in 2003, Victor  has been providing long-term Career services to MBA students at a number of leading international Business Schools in different institutions in Europe and the USA.

We are really proud to count Victor among our international speakers. 

Cyril Ogée, President of AAF will be at ISUM online

Cyril Ogée started his AIESEC career in the Marseilles KEDGE local committee in 1990, being involved in projects by organizing 2 national congresses in Marseilles and going abroad as a Global Talent trainee in Spain. 

Then he took care of both incoming and outgoing Global Talent activity, welcoming more than 50 foreign students in Marseilles in 1992 summer. With two English trainees, he organized a reception project with Tokyo university local committee and local corporate players. He then became local committee President in 1993 and later applied for the Member Committee becoming National Vice-President for Global Talent for the 1994-95 term after spending a year in Danone marketing department.

Today, Cyril is the president of AIESEC Alumni France and the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of AIESEC France.

Professionally, Cyril strives to guide people to develop assertiveness and leadership to reveal their full potential. He is Managing Partner at Assertive Career Mentoring, a RH consulting firm that helps teams in the fields of leadership, management, career management and governance. He helps Executives to better control their organisation, encouraging a “small self-managed teams” organizational approach.

Through 25 years of working experience as an Executive, he has learnt that this management style pays off and makes organisations successful.

Today’s world increasing complexity makes the pyramidal management inherited from Taylor management inoperative and we need to attract talents having the 21st century skills.
We are proud to have him as one of our speakers for this online edition of ISUM to be held on October 30.

Krisztina Kapuvári will be at ISUM online

We are proud to have Krisztina Kapuvari as one of our speakers for the ISUM session on October 30.

Kriszti is an Alumna from AIESEC in Benin and in Hungary.

She joined AIESEC in Hungary in 2012, LC Veszprem. Within 3 months, she became VP Marketing. Later, she served as LCP, OCVP Finance of National Conference and National Support Team Internship Admin.

Krisztina took diverse roles in other entities worldwide: CEEDer in Greece (2014), MCVP Marketing in Benin Republic (15/16), West African YouthSpeak Forum Host (2016) Togo and Facilitator in Nigeria (2015). She also took part in internships and volunteer programs of AIESEC in Ghana (2014), Togo (2016), the USA (2017) and in Ivory Coast (2018).

Krisztina currently volunteers at AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL content team and member of AIESEC ALUMNI EUROPE Board. 

While spending most of her time across West Africa since 2014, thanks to AIESEC, she found her calling. Kriszti is passionate about reducing inequality, and dreams of a more balanced global ground for all, that is why she opened a private-funded business incubator (theSPACE) in Cotonou a year ago (August 2019). At theSPACE, she provides access to infrastructure (basic tools, equipment, office/internet) and know-how (coaching/trainings) to young AIESEC alumni who are interested in bringing solutions for all type of (social) issues into this world as entrepreneurs.

Her project has recently been approved for fundraising by the Steering Committee of the AIESEC Fund. 

Kriszti believes that the ambitious and young AIESEC entrepreneurs of the region, deserves the same chances to opportunities that she had growing up in the EU. She is ready to fight for the better conditions for the developing world by raising the chances of locals to fulfill their true potentials through becoming entrepreneurs. That is why her NGO provides affordable access to infrastructure and knowledge transfer to young entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about Leadership, Marketing, Organizational Development and reducing social injustice. She holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Management (specialized: HR & OD).


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ISUM online speakers – Oct. 30

Our speakers list for this online event on #AIESEC and #entrepreneurship:

– Arnould de la #Boulaye, President of the AIESEC Fund,

– Victor Loewenstein, former President of AAI and member of the founders of AIESEC Fund,

– Cyril Ogée, President of AIESEC Alumni France,

– Francisco Cadena, former MCP of AIESEC France,

– Krisztina Kapuvári, founder of the Space Incubator in Benin.

Moderator: Christian Cochard, CEO of AIESEC Fund.

Thanks to Nassim Medjahed and AIESEC France for the teamwork!

ISUM session online on Oct. 30

Dear AIESEC entrepreneurs:

We are very pleased to confirm that as part of the Spark conference organized by AIESEC France, there will be an online #ISUM session re #AIESEC and #entrepreneurship. The session will be in English and is dedicated to AIESEC students and alumni.

Book the date: October 30, from 6pm to 7.30pm Paris time.

We will announce soon the international speakers.

The Space incubator

On behalf of the #AIESECfund, I am very pleased to inform you that the #Space #incubator project in Benin has been unanimously approved for fundraising by our Steering Committee composed of #AIESECInternational, #AAI and the AIESEC Fund.

Bravo to Krisztina Kapuvári and her team.

We are very proud of you!

We will soon launch the Fundraising campaign, in coordination with #AAI and #AI, for this impactful project:



Support Younited Cultures!

Younited Cultures, the startup launched by AIESEC Alumni, Iulia Mugescu and Andra Slaats, is taking part in the SAP social impact start Award 2014.

Younited Cultures tell stories of tolerance, perseverance, ambition and breakthroughs. They are inspiring stories of immigrants drawn by local Austrian designers. On scarves.

To learn more about this inspiring AIESEC alumni startup:

Here is also the link to support and vote for them in the SAP Award:

Thank you!

Please share with AIESEC Alumni and AIESECers.

Agenda for ISUM Mexico 2014

Here is the agenda for ISUM Mexico 2014 on March 24 and 25, 2014:

Agenda ISUM MEXICO 2014

Welcome to entrepreneurs and startup from all over the world!

More information:

Registration for the Meeting:

Kind regards, the ISUM team.