Together with Tunisie Telecom, we are proud to announce the top 3 startup at ISUM Tunis

Together with our lead sponsor Tunisie Telecom, we are proud to announce the top 3 startup at ISUM Tunis 2013.


The Top 3 startup are:

  • Number 1: DISRUPT CK by Mr Zied JALLOULI and Mr Ewald BOS
  • Second: MOVIE BOX Home Entertainment by Mr Hatem DAMMAK
  • Third: Unité de production de fourrage by Mr Riahd SAOUDI

The Jury presided by Mr Mondher Khanfir, Managing Director at WIKI Startup, was composed of:

  • Mrs Aïcha ENNAIFAR, Managing Director at DIVA SICAR;
  • Mr Omrane KAMMOUN, Directeur Central at TUNISIE TELECOM;
  • Mr Mohamed Salah FRAD, General Manager at UGFS – North Africa;
  • Mr Arnould de la BOULAYE, Business angel and startup senior Advisor (France);
  • Mr Jean du LAC, startup senior finance Advisor (France)

Those three startup will benefit from an internet site setup by our associate sponsor SWIB, with maintenance offered for 6 months. The number 1 project will also receive 3 month advisory services by WIKI Startup.

Thank you to all projects who participated to the ISUM Tunis startup challenge!

Mrs Bouchamaoui, President of UTICA, to open #ISUM13Tunis

We are pleased and honored to confirm that Mrs Ouided BOUCHAMAOUI will be opening ISUM Tunis 2013; at 9 am on May 18 at the UTICA headquarters in Tunis.

Mrs Ouided BOUCHAMAOUI is the President of UTICA (Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie, du Commerce et de l’Artisanat).

DIVA SICAR, UGFS and Carthage Business Angels at ISUM Tunis

ISUM is the opportunity for startup to pitch.

In a confidential meeting, each startup will have 5 minutes for pitching in a very professional manner its business plan (either in French or in English). Then they will answer questions from the jury of professional investors (DIVA SICAR, UGFS and Carthage Business Angels as well as international business angels) for 10 minutes. The Jury will be presided by Mr Mondher KHANFIR, Program Coordinator at Carthage Business Angels, co-founder and CEO at WIKI Startup SA.

What you will find in the next edition of ISUM 2013!

47809_140691582778403_1137482411_nIn the next edition of ISUM in Tunis in May 2013, this is what you will find:

1 – Exchange of experience between startup founders from different countries: In the networking sessions, we believe you will learn a lot from the experience of others in your own country but also from other countries; one idea successful in another country can be successful in your own.

2 – Workshops: you will learn how to find new ideas for your startup from the entrepreneurs themselves, how to make your business plan efficiently, how to market well to your targeted customers, how to create and manage your team, how to build a partnership agreement, how to raise funds with business angels and/or VCs;

We want to be operational in these sessions; therefore we boost Q&A sessions!

3 – Pitch sessions and the AIESEC alumni startup challenge:
 if you are ready to pitch in front of a jury of advisors and investors, ISUM will be your opportunity to do so.

Each selected startup will have 5 minutes of pitch and 10 minutes of questions & answers with the jury.  This is a great opportunity to test your pitch and get immediate feed-back.

In this startup challenge, the jury will determine the best projects who will receive in-kind services by the sponsors of the event. And if you are really successful, you could even get the appointment to actually get funded!

The ISUM jury is giving priority for registration to AIESEC startup; but it is an open meeting: local entrepreneurs who are not AIESECers will be able to bring attention to their startup as well, notably if they want their startup to grow internationally.

ISUM is an initiative supported by AIESEC Alumni International.

Mr de La Boulaye to join ISUM Tunis as a speaker

We are pleased to confirm the participation of Mr Arnould de La Boulaye as a speaker and a jury member for ISUM Tunis.

Arnould de la Boulaye has assisted more than 50 startup in industry and services as a business angel. He is a graduate of ESSEC Business School 1966 and a pre-PhD in International Economics from Paris University.

Arnould has been AIESEC France NCP, co-organizer of the first AI Seminar on “Education for International business,” AI Advisory Councillor and ISM, AAI board member, and now is working on behalf of AI and AAI to launch an AAI Foundation.

Arnould has also held management position for 10 years in corporate finance (Honeywell, Eaton Corp., Grace Corp.) and then served for 12 years as VP Finance of a leading European catering group.


ISUM Lima 2012

International Start-Ups Meeting 2012 was developed in Lima City. The 200 participants came from different cities from Peru and from 6 foreign countries.

The congress was composed of three main activities: 

networking sessions in order to ensure that every participant get to know each other;

– local and international best case practices from startups, where 23 organizations shared their experience;

the “startup challenge”  during which startup teams pitched their projects in front of a professional jury in order to challenge for winning the best recognition (and also to win a travel award in a selected hotel of Peru for three days).

The trainers and case practices selected were the following:

– Fredy Hawie (President at AIESEC Alumni Perú),

– Dipoo (Founder: Mario Gil),

– Rosatel (Founder: Jorge Arteta),

– (Founder: Jorge Mateljan),

– Lima Valley (Dr: Arturo Canez),

– Startup Academy (Founder:  Alvaro Zarate),

– Product Development & Management Association (Founder: Rolando Cruzado),

– The Hub (Dr: Iris Parra),

– Regalbox (Dr: Nicolás Bernal),

– Disfruta (Founder: Azucena Gutiérrez),

– Startup Advisory (Founder: Diana Castañeda),

– CIDE (Dr: Julio Vela),

– StartupLegal advisory (Dr: Luis Gonzalo Ramirez), 

– IMASEN (Founder: Giovanna Peñaflor),

– Cabify (Dr: Gerardo Reategui),

– Wayra (Dr: Juan Francisco Rosas),

– Invierteme (Founder: Hector Morrel).

– (Founder: Luis Carlos Burneo),

– (Founder: Nicolás Mendoza del Solar), (Founder: Fernando D’Alessio),

– Emprende Social (Founder: Silvana Pacheco),

– Wayra’s Mentor (Mentor: Giancarlo Falconi),

– FINCYT (Specialist Marco Alvarez),

– Claro (SubDr. Oscar F.)

– and IEEE (MGA Treasure: Enrique Alvarez Rodrich).

The 200 attendees (startups, trainers, delegates, mentors, investors, jury and young entrepreneurs) came from different cities such as Lima, La Libertad, Arequipa, Cusco, Puno and Huánuco and from foreign countries such as Belgium, Germany, USA, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.  

The congress organization was a coordination between many people and organizations. It was developed by the AIESEC Alumni Association in Peru,  in association with AIESEC Alumni International, with the special support of Christian Cochard as Global Program Manager of ISUM who supported the elaboration of the program in Lima.

It was co-organized with Lima Valley and Startup Academy (both leading organizations around the startup field in Perú) and with the support from PDMA (Product Development and Management Association), an international network specialized in product and service development and innovation.

In addition, some key organizations sponsored the Congress, such as CIDE (Center of Innovation at Universidad Católica) and Claro (Lead Telecommunication Company in Latinamerica).

Thank you all!
With best regards,
Rolando Cruzado, Organizing Committee President.

Thank you!

Thank you to all delegates and speakers for participating to the first International Start-Ups Meeting held in Paris.

You will find thereafter the link to the photos of the event:

Your feedback is important to us. Please share your views and your recommendations for future meetings.

The conference video report will be prepared in the next two weeks and you can order your own copy online on the following link:

Tunisia is getting prepared for the next meeting in May 2013; the Tunis OC team met this Sunday 16 of October for a first working session. The Paris OC team will provide advice and will support the second edition of the International Start-Ups Meeting.

Again many thanks to all participants; we will keep in touch on this blog about the actual results of your start-ups together with our speakers support and continuing advice; let us know about your progress so that to inform the blog readers!

And let us continue to share the great spirit of international understanding and entrepreneurship!

Kind regards, the OC team.

Capital Finance – Les Echos

ISUM 2011 is on Capital Finance – Les Echos.

Follow the link:

for more information about the number one newsletter for investors and start-ups in France.

best regards, the OC team.

Mr Marco Villa to attend as speaker ISUM 2011

We are very pleased and honored to announce that Mr Marco Villa, CEO of the Italian Angels for growth, will attend the International Start-ups Meeting as speaker.

Mr Villa was previously Manager at PwC.

Kind regards,

the OC team.

Mr Jean du Lac, joining our international speakers team

We are very pleased and honored to announce that Mr Jean du Lac is joining the international speakers team for ISUM 2011 in Paris.

Mr du Lac is the founder and CEO of DULAC & Co. With its partners in Europe, India and Canada, DULAC & Co has completed several investment deals in European companies by foreign investors and venture capital firms, and advised foreign groups in their divestiture strategy and implementation in France.

An experienced executive, after 10 years in a large multinational organization (Ford), Mr du Lac has moved to medium size companies general management to be turnaround or/and developed and then, contributed to establish the European affiliates of US software companies.

He  introduced eRoom Technologies in France, and, after eRoom acquisition by Documentum, managed development of this activity within EMEA.

Prior to that, he was part of the team that introduced Impresse, a marketing software, in Europe as GM France and Europe Business Development Director.

Until this time, his career was developped in the industry (Ford Motor Cie, SCOA — international trading –, Exapaq — transportation –, CPI — printing– ) in sales and general management positions.

Mr du Lac is an MBA graduate of INSEAD; he was the President of the INSEAD Alumni association in France from 2001 to 2006. He is also today the Vice-President of Cercle des Administrateurs INSEAD – Wharton.