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Dear Alumni,
Following our AIESEC Alumni International Meeting (AAIM) last week in Novi Sad, Serbia, we are sharing an update on our upcoming new global web portal we are calling “AlumNet”.This is the first of a number of updates that will touch on topics that will also include how AAI is coordinating more closely with national and regional associations, and with AIESEC itself, to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential.
AlumNet: Connect, Collaborate and Contribute!
During our meeting in Novi Sad, AAI shared for the first time a preliminary working version of AlumNet, a new online platform that will bring together AIESEC alumni from across geographies and generations to connect, collaborate and contribute, harnessing our shared experiences, our collective talent and AIESEC values.Once it is launched, AlumNet will make it easier than ever to network with old and new friends, cooperate professionally, and participate in events and discussions at local…

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AIESEC Alumni France

Many of you know that AAI Congress 2012 took place last week from 16th to 19th February in Hungary.Five representatives of AIESEC Alumni France attended this amazing event: Jean and Catherine Choplin, Arnould de la Boulaye, Kevin Vuaillat and myself (Petronela Eviakova). This was for me the first time to attend AIESEC Alumni International conference and I was amazed by many things and decided to share with you the key take aways.

Power of AIESEC global network – AAI 2012 was attended by approximately 75 alumni from 34 countries! (Excluding Hungarian Alumni who joined 1st Gala Dinner). It was an amazing diversity of cultures, generations and professionals. You could meet extraordinary people who founded AIESEC in France, UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Czechoslovakia, as well as those who were there at the first AAI congress in 1987, those who invented IPM, or those who launched or…

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AIESEC Alumni France

Dear AIESEC Alumni,

You could follow online the International Presidents Meeting of AIESEC in Budapest, together with AAI Meeting on the following link:

Enjoy the Meeting online and participate via facebook or twitter to discussions.

Best regards,

the AAF Board.

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