Lean startup conference in San Francisco

Dear colleagues:

As an initiative from AIESEC Alumni Venezuela, AIESEC Alumni Peru and with the leverage of the ISUM program from AIESEC Alumni International, it is a pleasure to announce that we got significant discounts to participate in the biggest startups conference in the world: The Lean Startup Conference!!!

This will be held in San Francisco from 9 to 11 of December. Among their speakers are: Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Marc Andreessen, Ash Maurya!

So, if you are alumni from AIESEC (any country worldwide) and you would like to be in the conference: http://leanstartup.co/, you just need to email to Carlos Marquez: cmarquez@cooltribes.com and request the scholarship. Carlos will reserve your scholarship and will coordinate with you. (ddl: Friday 29th, November)

The regular price is $1’649 but because of the scholarship, we got it for $300. It is the first approach between Leanstartup with the ISUM Program, so we are sure many synergies will be going to happen.

Carlos will be in San Francisco, so any advice or query please don’t hesitate to email us. Hope to see you there colleagues!


Rolando Cruzado
Mobile: 990000030

ISUM Lima 2012

International Start-Ups Meeting 2012 was developed in Lima City. The 200 participants came from different cities from Peru and from 6 foreign countries.

The congress was composed of three main activities: 

networking sessions in order to ensure that every participant get to know each other;

– local and international best case practices from startups, where 23 organizations shared their experience;

the “startup challenge”  during which startup teams pitched their projects in front of a professional jury in order to challenge for winning the best recognition (and also to win a travel award in a selected hotel of Peru for three days).

The trainers and case practices selected were the following:

– Fredy Hawie (President at AIESEC Alumni Perú),

– Dipoo (Founder: Mario Gil),

– Rosatel (Founder: Jorge Arteta),

– Cursostotales.com (Founder: Jorge Mateljan),

– Lima Valley (Dr: Arturo Canez),

– Startup Academy (Founder:  Alvaro Zarate),

– Product Development & Management Association (Founder: Rolando Cruzado),

– The Hub (Dr: Iris Parra),

– Regalbox (Dr: Nicolás Bernal),

– Disfruta (Founder: Azucena Gutiérrez),

– Startup Advisory (Founder: Diana Castañeda),

– CIDE (Dr: Julio Vela),

– StartupLegal advisory (Dr: Luis Gonzalo Ramirez), 

– IMASEN (Founder: Giovanna Peñaflor),

– Cabify (Dr: Gerardo Reategui),

– Wayra (Dr: Juan Francisco Rosas),

– Invierteme (Founder: Hector Morrel).

– Imagina.pe (Founder: Luis Carlos Burneo),

– Nisu.pe (Founder: Nicolás Mendoza del Solar), Linio.com.pe (Founder: Fernando D’Alessio),

– Emprende Social (Founder: Silvana Pacheco),

– Wayra’s Mentor (Mentor: Giancarlo Falconi),

– FINCYT (Specialist Marco Alvarez),

– Claro (SubDr. Oscar F.)

– and IEEE (MGA Treasure: Enrique Alvarez Rodrich).

The 200 attendees (startups, trainers, delegates, mentors, investors, jury and young entrepreneurs) came from different cities such as Lima, La Libertad, Arequipa, Cusco, Puno and Huánuco and from foreign countries such as Belgium, Germany, USA, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.  

The congress organization was a coordination between many people and organizations. It was developed by the AIESEC Alumni Association in Peru,  in association with AIESEC Alumni International, with the special support of Christian Cochard as Global Program Manager of ISUM who supported the elaboration of the program in Lima.

It was co-organized with Lima Valley and Startup Academy (both leading organizations around the startup field in Perú) and with the support from PDMA (Product Development and Management Association), an international network specialized in product and service development and innovation.

In addition, some key organizations sponsored the Congress, such as CIDE (Center of Innovation at Universidad Católica) and Claro (Lead Telecommunication Company in Latinamerica).

Thank you all!
With best regards,
Rolando Cruzado, Organizing Committee President.

ISUM 2011: Postscript by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA

The International Startups Meeting 2011:  Postscript

 by Gail Margolies Reid, CPA


**Bonus Point**


“Joining together with like-minded people to share ideas and mutual encouragement is essential to the success of any Startup”. 


It is impossible to comment on everything that was experienced by those of us who came together earlier this month in Paris for  ISUM 2011.  But I wanted to share some thoughts I have had in the days since I have returned to the US with my new friends and colleagues, ISUM alums.


People attend conferences for many reasons; to learn new methods, best practices and improved processes to take back and implement in their own workplace.  ISUM 2011 achieved these intellectual goals; we all learned new ideas and concepts at the seminars and workshops during the weekend. 


But the conference accomplished something on a much deeper level –  Exchanges of the Heart.  We are alike but yet so different. The businesses we each pursue are as varied as the national cultures we come from.  Yet we came to ISUM to seek common ground, the place where we inspire each other to pursue our own unique ideas.  Within our individual stories are lessons others can learn to help them achieve their goals more successfully.


The weekend was demanding both physically (early starts and long days, riding in cabs in Paris, where every hour is “rush hour”, running for the bus back to the hotel) and mentally (from a great deal of thinking, listening and conversing).  When it was time to say farewell, after the beautiful luncheon at the Musee d’Orsay, I was both drained and emotionally pumped up for the future of this group.  I hope to hold on to this feeling for a long time, keep in contact with everyone I met at ISUM and share ideas I learned in Paris with my students here in the US.

A très bientôt.



Tomorrow starts the ISUM in Paris!

Welcome in Paris to the start-ups enthusiasts from more than 20 countries joining us tomorrow at the French Senate for the Opening Session of the first edition of the International Start-Ups Meeting with:

– Mr Luca Torosani, Vice President of the Organizing Committee; a graduate from Bocconi Italy; soon joining PWC in Mexico;

– Mr Olivier Giscard d’Estaing, Founder of INSEAD and President of the INSEAD Foundation;

– Mr Massimo Michaud, former President of AIESEC Italy, Entrepreneur and former CEO of ALLIANZ Insurance in Italy;

– Mrs Gail Margolies Reid, CPA from the USA, and author of the guide of low-cost start-ups;

– Mr Ali Mnif, Entrepreneur and CEO of MAZAM from Tunisia, a graduate of IHEC Tunis – Carthage;

– Mr Christian Cochard, President of the Organizing Committee and Senior Advisor in acquisitions, consolidation and financial reporting.

Tip# 8: be the problem solver!

“In challenging economic times, many small business owners reach out for someone to help them keep their company afloat.  Consider positioning yourself as a turnaround expert who can help a business owner make the decisions necessary to meet the challenges of a downturn in the economy.  This is the kind of help people will pay for in trying times.”

Although this advice was written for professionals (lawyers, accountants and consultants) it can be applied to any start-up business.  Your customers want someone or something that can solve a particular problem. 

The problem might be slow sales, high cost of materials, difficulty in the supply chain, etc.  In times of recession, all problems are amplified because everyone is struggling to make a profit and keep their company going.

Focus on solving the problem of others.  If you can BE the problem solver, you will be successful no matter what shape the economy is in.

Kind regards,

Gail REID.

Participants from 25 countries as of today!

We are very pleased to announce that we have received confirmation by participants from 25 countries as of today!

77 participants are registered.

We have arranged for more room for the Dining cocktail at the French Senate.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this first edition of the International Start-Ups Meeting.

Our advice: REGISTER NOW, especially for the Saturday and Sunday sessions!

Registration will be closed as soon as the target number of participants is reached.

With kind regards,

The OC team.

Guest speakers: Ms Gail Margolies Reid

Dear friends,

It will be an honor for us to receive as one of our guest speakers, Ms Gail MARGOLIES REID, from the USA. Ms REID is a CPA and consultant, who has dedicated her entire 30-year career to working with start-up owners.

After many years of experience within the Big 4 auditing firms, Ms MARGOLIES REID founded her own CPA firm in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on start-ups and small businesses.

She is the author of LOW-COST STARTUPS and now prepares entrepreneurs for the real world of small businesses.

Welcome Ms MARGOLIES REID in Paris!

Tip# 7: interior design among the best service start up

“Several of the programs for certifying home stagers offer a complete package (online programs) to get you started in your business-marketing tools, website template, etc. For just under $1,000, you can get certification and the complete business kit. Since it includes the web design, this could be a very cost effective choice for you.”

It’s hard to escape the fact that interior home design has become a huge craze around the globe.  There are several cable channels dedicated to programming focused on this topic.  In the U.S., we are experiencing a period of tremendous difficulty for anyone who desires to sell their current residence.  This problem for homeowners creates a enormous opportunity for Home Staging Professionals. 

According to a recent study conducted by Sageworks, Inc., a financial analysis firm that researches privately-held companies, Interior Design is among the best service businesses to start up in 2011.  Darlene Horton, marketing manager for Sageworks, Inc., said although starting a business may be intimidating, less funding is needed for the ventures that ranked at the top of their list.  “Design is a differentiator. People will want that, even if they have to spend market value for it.” This industry grew by 6.2% in the past 12 months.  ( Excerpted from  http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/starting-a-business/2011/06/28/top-five-businesses-to-start-in-2011/#ixzz1W8kFVHVF).

Kind regards,


AIESEC encounter at GSU

Today’s post will be a diversion from previous posts based on Bonus Points from my book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups”. 

 Yesterday I met with two AIESEC student members from a local chapter in Atlanta– Georgia State University.  I wanted to see first hand the essence of AIESEC, to connect with “future AIESEC alumni” and get a sense of who they might be.  Even though school is currently between sessions, Georgina Saldana, V.P. of Business Development and Juan Rios, a member on Georgina’s committee, came back to campus to meet with me. Such enthusiasm and focus, determination and interest.  They gave me an insider’s view of how and why they became AIESECers. 

Neither one could contain the great joy and happiness that being a part of this organization brings to them.  They had just returned from a National Conference in Chicago, having spent a week with AIESECers from all over the US and around the globe.  It was clear that the conference was full of inspiring activities and many opportunities for positive human connections.  Their pride in AIESEC and their determination to build their AIESEC chapter was strongly evident.

Somehow I know that this encounter with these two students was not an “isolated incident” as we like to say in the CPA world.  Rather I left convinced that I will find the same level of energy and commitment at the International Start-ups Meeting in Paris this October. 

What a privilege to be a participant in this event!

kind regards,

Ms Gail MARGOLIES REID, CPA and keynote speaker.

Tip#6 : concierge services

With August just hours away and thoughts of vacation on everyone’s mind this last Friday in July, it seemed appropriate to review a low-cost business concept with a vacation state of mind.

Originating in France in the Middle Ages, the term concierge referred to the trusted employee who held the keys to rooms in the castle or estate. “Keeper of the keys” is an excellent visual for today’s Concierge Industry, which has expanded to include servicing every facet of a customer’s home, social and work lives.

Although the term Vacation Concierge may be new, services provided to tourists have always been in demand and well compensated. In major cities and vacation resort areas around the globe, there are companies that cater to tourists who want to get as much from their vacation time as possible.

There is always a special cache in being guided by locals who are in the business of helping visitors find those hidden places that make regional vacation spots extra special.

Those are the kinds of experiences that keep people coming back time and again and that create a favorite destination.